AC/DC A106.5 Call Box – Outdoor Door-Less

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The freestanding A106.5 Call Box is ideal for golf courses, marinas, college campuses and more. The AC/DC-powered A106.5 can be shipped with an extra battery and charger. When the Call Box battery needs to be replaced, the unit will automatically send a voice prompt, so loss of service is never an issue. A standard base stand is included for hard surface installation. This white, powder-coated, aluminum box is .090 inches thick and measures 6.5’H x 10″W x 5″D. It includes an antenna and choice of reflective vinyl message decal.

This 6.5-foot tall and 5-inch deep frame call box is one of the newest designs. A base stand, formed into the stanchion, allows for effortless installation in minutes. Placement in narrow hallways and other constricted spaces is now a simple task. This call box comes with all of the standard features at the incredible low introductory price!

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