Motorola Two Way Radios for Security

Motorola Two Way Radios and Walkie Talkies for SecuritySecurity is a growing industry that continues to evolve as technology advances. There are a number of emerging concerns that can arise, which is why it’s crucial to have effective communication systems in place.

Radio Communications of Virginia (RCVA) has the kind of products your security team needs, including two-way radios and walkie talkies from Motorola.

We’ll tell you more about these systems below. Then, you can always contact us to find the right ones for you and your other security staff members in Richmond, Tidewater, or Southside, Virginia.

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Security Operations

The security industry has to deal with some of most intense situations imaginable. Not only that, but they often need to handle multiple crises at a time, keeping track of a ton of information. So, these workers need great decision-making, oral communication, and critical-thinking skills.

However, a security operations team also needs to have consistent, clear communication among one another in order to succeed. That’s where high-quality security radios come in. Otherwise, they may not be able to respond to threats quickly, which could be quite dangerous.

Will Cell Phones or Motorola Two-Way Radios Work Better?

You may be thinking that cell phones could work just as well. They’re easy to access and are like having minicomputers in the palm of your hand. Such as the case may be, two-way radios are still the more preferred method of communication for professionals in the security industry.

There are a number of reasons for this, such as:

  • Durability and weather resistance: Two-way radios are designed to work in dusty, wet, or other weather conditions. They can withstand drops, as well. Because cell phones are more fragile, they won’t work as well in harsher environments.
  • Coverage just about anywhere: Two-way radios can work just about anywhere since there’s no threat of a breach in security or a breakdown in network coverage. Plus, you’ll have clear lines of communication anywhere in a facility, as well as more remote or rural locations. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for cell phones.
  • Instant communication: You don’t need to wait for a connection with a two-way radio. Plus, they have a simple, streamlined design, unlike cell phones. Just push a button on the radio, talk, and reach your entire security team instantly.

Additionally, two-way radios work on their own system. Rather than relying on cell phone towers or a provider’s network of coverage, you can use your radio as needed. So, if a network outage occurs, you’ll still be able to reach your security team during daily operations or emergency situations.

WAVE™ OnCloud for Your Motorola Two-Way Radios

As we mentioned before, two-way radios provide a great area of coverage in hard-to-reach spots in and around facilities. A big reason that this is possible is because of WAVE™ OnCloud Nationwide PTT.

This broadband push-to-talk (PTT) subscription is offered by Motorola Solutions. It provides the best of both worlds, combining the “broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications.” Plus, you’ll have the connections and coverage you need without having to expand any existing infrastructures.

WAVE™ also lets you connect across multiple platforms. This allows you and your security team to communicate through different LTE- or Wi-Fi-enabled radios farther than ever before.

What’s great about this OnCloud service, too, is that you can manage your various channels and subscriptions in real time. You can even add an entire fleet over the air, if necessary. Add or remove devices as needed as well—keep your entire operations as streamlined as possible.

Reliable Security Radios

As you can see, two-way radios provide more benefits over cell phones. What’s nice, too, is that you can easily find the right ones for your organization. At RCVA, we supply Motorola radios so that your business has the reliable communication that it needs.

By using Motorola radios, you can send your security team vital information in a matter of seconds. Plus, you can rest assured that they’ll receive the message, thanks to high-clarity calls. Nothing will be dropped or lost in the fray.

Along with dependability and versatility, Motorola two-way radios are simple to use and provide clear calls anywhere and at any time. With just the push of a button, you can instantly give your team the most up-to-date information available, which will increase your operational success.

No matter what, you’ll get something that increases communication flexibility and provides clear and crisp audio all for your peace of mind.

  • Base Stations
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • P25 Portables
  • Pagers
  • Control Stations
  • Repeaters

TLK 100 & TLK 150 Radios

Additionally, we offer TLK 100 and TLK 150 radios—both from Motorola. Each type offers plenty of benefits, including:

  • Compact design
  • Top-quality audio
  • Easy functionality

TLK 100 radios are ideal for when your security teams are inside a large facility, like a shopping mall or airport. They have a long battery life—up to 18 hours, to be exact. Plus, you can get a plethora of accessories to go with the radio, like earpieces or headsets. These make it even easier to communicate with your staff members while on the go.

TLK 150 radios, meanwhile, are best for commercial vehicles. If anyone in your organization needs to be on the road, these radios will help them out. Thanks to their mounting kits, one-button PTT microphones, and other accessories, you’ll have clear communication channels without being distracted while driving.

Get Motorola Two-Way Radios for Your Security Team Today

At Radio Communications of Virginia, we want to help provide your security team with Motorola two-way radios, like TLK 100 and TLK 150 radios, walkie talkies, and OnCloud services that provide maximum coverage and connectivity. All these tools will not only help keep everyone safe, but they will also help you run successful operations time and again.

In critical situations, clear communication can make all the difference. For more information, and to get the right communications systems for you and your staff members in Richmond, Tidewater, or Southside, VA, don’t wait. Contact us today.