Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer Virginia Beach VA

Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer Virginia Beach VA

Businesses throughout Virginia Beach need the right tools for their staff to be more productive, efficient, and safe. Two-way radios can help with their push-to-talk functions and long range—we’ll tell you how below.

We’ll cover the two-way radios we offer in Virginia Beach, VA. Additionally, we’ll tell you who can benefit most from these products, how they differ from walkie talkies, and the services we offer for your convenience.

Keep reading to learn more, and don’t hesitate to contact Radio Communications of Virginia if you have any questions.

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Two-Way Radios Available in Virginia Beach

Our company offers lots of two-way radios for streamlined communication among workers. They’re all from Motorola and include:

  • ASTRO 25 public safety radios: Enhanced location tracking, intelligent roaming, and more are used to connect to first responders in emergency situations.
  • MOTOTRBO radios: You can increase safety and boost productivity with these two-way radios.
  • MOTOTRBO repeaters: They extend two-way radio coverage and eliminate dead spots in a facility.
  • Commercial radios: With their intuitive design and easy-to-pair accessories, these radios are ideal for any type of business.

Motorola WAVE™ TLK100 Offered

We also offer the Motorola WAVE™ TLK100. This two-way radio uses WAVE™ OnCloud to operate. With the push-to-talk subscription service, you and your team will be connected across numerus networks and devices with the push of a button. Plus, the radio itself is small enough to stick in your pocket and is built to work in hard-to-reach areas.

If you’re traveling in a stairwell and need to talk to a co-worker, the TLK100 will work there. If you’re in a basement and have to reach a first responder, this radio will work in that situation, as well.

With 96 potential channels and an 18-hour lithium-ion battery, you can trust the WAVE™ TLK100 to effectively operate when you need it most.

Two-Way Radios vs Walkie Talkies

Not only do we offer two-way radios, but we have walkie talkies, as well. While similar in features, there are some differences between the two.

  • Two-way radios can transmit and receive a radio signal. If you need to reach a first responder, or a co-worker is trying to contact you, all your messages will get across.
  • Walkie talkies are portable two-way radios and known as “handheld transceivers.” You hold them in your hand, so they’re easy to use while walking around a facility (hence the name “walkie talkies”).

So, are these terms interchangeable? Yes and no. A walkie talkie, by definition, is a two-way radio. However, not all two-way radios are walkie talkies.

For instance, many radios aren’t handheld or portable. These includes mobile radios that are fitted in automobiles, as well as wall-mounted base stations.

Who Can Benefit from Having Two-Way Radios vs Cell Phones?

Whether you opt for a Motorola two-way radio or walkie talkie, there are lots of industries that can benefit from using these products, such as:

These companies could use cell phones, as they’re essentially portable computers. However, when it comes to everyday operations or emergency situations, two-way radios are much more useful to have on hand.

Differences Between Two-Way Radios & Cell Phones

Radios are built to last longer than phones in any condition. They have twice the battery power of traditional cell phones, so you can depend on them for an entire workday–and then some. Plus, they’re highly durable, being waterproof and enduring high drops. Cell phones don’t offer that kind of resilience, so they may not work for every industry.

Additionally, radios are more cost-effective than traditional cell phones. Cell phones require a monthly fee. Add on usage and roaming charges, and you could be paying a lot for your business. Two-way radios, on the other hand, have a one-time fee. It’s often lower than the price of a cell phone and has twice the benefits.

Furthermore, a cell phone is a one-to-one communication device, while a two-way radio is a one-to-many talking device. A cell phone is primarily for personal use, making individual phone calls. On the other hand, two-way radios are designed to be communication tools for groups of people or organizations.

It is true that cell phones offer conference call and group text functions. However, neither of those are as efficient or effective as the features found in a two-way radio.

Renting Two-Way Radios in Virginia Beach

Two-way radios can also be cost-effective in short-term projects. If you need communication tools for a brief time, consider renting radios from us.

Let us know your needs, and we’ll come up with a plan for your project or special event in Virginia Beach, VA. We’ll put all the needed accessories together, including batteries, headsets, and speaker microphones. Plus, we keep everything clean and well-maintained to ensure that every radio or walkie talkie provides communication services that are:

  • Fast
  • Clear
  • Efficient

If you’re on a tight schedule, don’t worry–we’ll ship everything via UPS/FEDEX, so you can receive everything as soon as possible.

Two-Way Radio Service Virginia Beach VA

Whether you rent or buy from us, you’ll always want your two-way radios to work properly. Therefore, you may want to invest in a system maintenance plan.

There are tons of benefits to having one of these plans, including:

  • Priority service: Keep all your equipment in first-rate condition.
  • Minimizing down time: Reduce the amount of time lost due to equipment failure.
  • Fast turnaround time: We can get your radios working again as quickly as possible.
  • Controlling repair costs: You’re in charge of the repair costs.

Prices vary among plans and come with different perks. To learn more about them, reach out to a member of our team.

Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer near Virginia Beach Today

If you want clear and reliable communication channels in your facility in Virginia Beach, VA, walkie talkies or two-way radios are the way to go.

To get started on obtaining these Motorola products for your industry, don’t wait. Contact Radio Communications of Virginia for a free quote today!