Why Hospitals and Doctors Still Use Pagers

Why Hospitals and Doctors Still Use Pagers

We know that healthcare technology advances every year, yet hospitals and doctors still use pagers to communicate. When it comes to instant communications on a no-nonsense device, it’s clear to the team at Radio Communications of Virginia (RCV) that pagers can’t be beat. Why is that?

Let’s discuss the reasons why hospitals and doctors in Richmond, Tidewater, and Southside, VA, still use pagers, and how you can secure the communications technologies your hospital needs.

Pagers Are Fast and Easy

Why Hospitals and Doctors Still Use PagersPagers may seem vintage, but they’re still around for a reason. Their no-frills approach to immediate emergency communications is practically unrivaled, especially for medical professionals, who can’t waste time fumbling with receiving and sending messages.

Modern Updates to Classic Tech

Of course, just because pagers have been around for decades, that doesn’t mean they haven’t changed at all since then. Today’s pagers offer the same sleek and intuitive design while offering all the benefits of 21st-century innovations, like GPS tracking and voice messaging.

Best Motorola Solutions Pagers for Doctors and Hospitals

In healthcare, every decision made can affect the quality of care. That’s why it’s important to equip your team of medical professionals with the best pagers possible.

Luckily, at Radio Communications of Virginia, our experience working as the official E-911 technology experts for the Commonwealth of Virginia means we know emergency communications systems extremely well. One of the most popular pagers for hospitals and doctors is the Motorola MINITOR VI™ Two-Tone Voice Pager.

The MINITOR VI™ has the durability and simplicity of a traditional pager with added benefits, like:

  • Customizable alert tones and vibrate patterns
  • Dust- and water-resistance
  • Battery level voice announcements

TPG2200 TETRA Pager

Built for first responders, the Motorola TPG2200 TETRA is as smart as it is strong. Protecting privacy is integral in healthcare, which is why this pager supports multiple encryption protocols.

If reaching out via pager yields no response, the TETRA’s built-in GPS makes it easy to keep track of your hospital staff. Plus, with a 48-hour battery life and IP54-rated dust and water protection, it’ll withstand the messier aspects of the job.

RCV Paging

Why Hospitals and Doctors Still Use PagersThe best pagers need a reliable network to perform at their peak. However, 45% of healthcare workers say coverage is a top communications challenge.1

RCV offers a critical messaging paging system that is one of the most expansive in the Mid-Atlantic region. When you can’t afford to have any dropped messages, this all-in-one package uses powerful, low-frequency signals to deliver your messages no matter what.

When you pair your Motorola Solutions pager with our critical messaging paging system, you’ll get the best tech working at its best. Coverage extends to upper North Carolina, and it covers Delaware, Washington, D.C., and parts of Maryland as well.

In addition to this widescale, reliable coverage, RCV paging plans also streamline your communications by offering compatibility with almost any kind of pager:

  • Alphanumeric pagers
  • Numeric-only pagers
  • Desktop pagers
  • Wireless LED signs
  • Paging data terminals

In hospitals and other healthcare settings, it’s important to keep communications compatible with different kinds of pagers. This way, medical professionals in different departments who may be operating with different equipment can still get in touch with each other.

Equip Your Healthcare Team With Pagers Today!

Pagers are more than a blast from the past—they’re integral communications devices with life-saving applications. When it’s time to find the best pagers for your healthcare facility in Richmond, Tidewater, and Southside, Virginia, reach out to Radio Communications of Virginia.